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JAPANESE COWHIDE LEATHER for Apple Watch (black)

JAPANESE COWHIDE LEATHER for Apple Watch (black)

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We created this belt for the Apple Watch using domestically produced glossy tanned cowhide steer, which is already available in Accurate Form belts. The oiled leather is very supple and comfortable to wear. It is a semi-glossy belt that best matches dress watches, but the stitching is sewn at extremely fine pitches, the surrounding stitching gives it a vintage feel, and the unrivaled finish makes this a leather belt with an unprecedented taste for Apple Watch. So please try it.
It gives your Apple Watch a more luxurious feel and is perfect for everyday use and business situations.

*Please note that the metal fittings and buckle are not genuine Apple parts.
*The color and texture of the leather may differ slightly depending on the lot.
*This leather has not been completely color-fastened in order to retain its good texture. Please note that the color may fade due to sweat or rain. Be especially careful when wearing white clothing.

◆Selection of metal fittings and buckle
The metal fittings and buckle are plated, and you can choose from the following.
The buckle has a mirror finish, and the side part of the mounting bracket also has a mirror finish.

① Black
② Silver
③ Gold
④ Rose gold

*Please specify when ordering.


Material: Cowhide (steer glossy tanned oil leather)
Color: BLACK
Type: For Apple Watch
Compatible models : 42mm for Series 1, 2, and 3 and 44mm for Series 4 and 5
Belt size: 22mm (buckle width 18mm)
Length: Men's regular 12 o'clock side: approx. 75mm, 6 o'clock side: approx. 115mm
Thickness: Flat 2.4mm
Stitching: Thickness No. 30 Same color dark gray (No.61)
Backing material: Same material (Musou)
Edge: Wax polished finish (black)


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