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Accurate Form

Accurate Form・H.A.L. STRAP (dark gray)

Accurate Form・H.A.L. STRAP (dark gray)

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Hook And Loop type "H.A.L. STRAP"

is now available!

For those who looking for a strap that can be used casually as an alternative to NATO G10 or MN STRAP!
Based on the model used by German Navy special forces divers from the mid-80's to the early 90's, Accurate Form designed it with ease of use and color variations in mind.

■What is Hook And Loop?
It is one of the names for hook-and-loop fasteners such as Velcro by Velcro and Velcro by Kuraray.
Since it is easy to put on and take off and almost never peels off naturally, it is also used in military equipment and space suits.

It does not have a too strong military feel and matches various watches other than military diver's watches. It is also recommended as a classic dress watch and as an item!

Not only is the mohair and folded herringbone pattern fashionable, but it is also highly durable, is made of a material that is extremely comfortable to wear, and is easy to put on and take off.

Can be installed without removing the spring bar, and is also compatible with fixed bars.
The width is 20mm, but it can also be installed to 18mm.

*Fixed bar type watch cannot be installed if the distance between the spring bar and the case is less than 2mm. 
*A curved spring bar can be added upon request, so it can be used even with watches with narrow gaps.

Material: Acrylic
Total length: Approximately 260mm (not including mounting folded part)
Width: 20mm (also compatible with watches with lug widths of 18mm and 19mm)

■Can be made to order
Extremely narrow wrists You can customize the length for thin or thick people.
・Price: 13,200 yen (tax included)
・Delivery time: Approximately 1 month
*Please contact us if you are interested .

■Installation example

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