HIMEJI KUROZAN Japanese Cowhide Leatherストラップが登場!

HIMEJI KUROZAN Japanese Cowhide Leather strap is now available!

HIMEJI KUROZAN Japanese Cowhide Leather strap is now available!

■What is Himeji Kurozan Leather?
It is made using Japanese black Japanese beef using the traditional Japanese techniques of tanning and lacquering. ” is a fusion of leather. Black leather, also known as the ``Black Diamond of Leather'', has a beautiful shine that looks like it is studded with countless small diamonds. It is also highly friction-resistant and is now used in martial arts tools such as the torso and chest of Kendo, and is said to have been used in the armor of generals during the Sengoku period.
This is a work of art created using two techniques: ``tanning techniques'' that bring out the charm of natural leather, and ``severe painting techniques that take advantage of the beauty of the leather's finely grained surface.''

The expressions of the grain of black leather are ``embossed'', ``best black leather (hand rubbed)'', and ``extreme KIWAMI''. The leather used in this product is ``embossed'' and has a fine grain, making it ideal for watch straps. Even this "embossed" material cost is several times that of regular cowhide leather.

It goes perfectly with dress watches, and if you have a domestic watch, you'll want to coordinate your belt with THE Japanese leather. If you are looking for a unique belt, please try this opportunity.

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